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At South Bermondsey Children and Family Centre, we offer groups for parents and children, training for parents wishing to increase their skills to return to work and support services such as counselling, midwifery, speech and language therapy, health visitors, breastfeeding and introducing solid foods advice.

Getting to South Bermondsey Children and Family Centre:

Tenda Road, SE16 3PN

0207 358 2878

Coming by bus:

The following buses stop within 5 minutes’ walk of this venue: Lynton Road,  1 381 (Bus stop GS or GP) or Esmeralda Road (Bus stop JV & JX)

Coming by train:

The nearest train station is: South Bermondsey Train Station

Coming by car:

Unfortunately, there isn’t any parking on the site at this venue.

Tenda Road, SE16 3PN