Following the Prime Minister’s speech on 18th March 2020, it has become necessary to close schools and limit gatherings of people.   To ensure the safety of parents, children and members of staff we will not be delivering any group sessions until further notice. 


Bookstart (0-5 years)

A unique way to have fun with your child while they learn new rhymes and develop their listening skills. Borrow books and story sacks to share with your child at home.

Breastfeeding Café  

A safe, comfortable environment to support pregnant and new mothers who want to start or continue breastfeeding.

Bumps and Babies (0-12months)

Enjoy fun activities aimed at learning and supporting your child’s development with our team on hand to support you with any queries you might have.

Chattertime (18 months—5 years)

A weekly drop-in for families with children under 5, aimed at encouraging the development of young children’s early communication skills, with a Speech and Language Therapist attending to give advice and support.

Childminders’ Group

Stay & Play group for childminders and prospective childminders. Meet your colleagues, enjoy activities and receive professional support and advice -or, if you’re looking for a childminder, meet the group and see what vacancies they have.

Family Music (0-5 years)

A lively, communication-friendly session. You and your child can sing and make music whilst also making friends and having fun. Be inspired and develop confidence in talking and sharing.

Little Explorers (0-18 months)

This space provides activities and opportunities for you and your child/ren to participate in physical play and investigation, indoors and outdoors, enabling children to discover new experiences and promote their natural drive to be active and confident

Soft Play (0 months-5years)

Active, fun soft play session for babies and toddlers 0-5 to burn off some energy and improve coordination and balance through play.

Starting Solid Foods (For babies around 6 months old)

In this 90 minute talk you will learn about starting solid and progressing with solid foods with your baby in a practical and friendly session with an expert dietitian.

Stay & Play (0-5 years)

Activities indoors and out, including messy play, exploration and imaginative play to support you and your child’s development, with our team on hand to support you with any queries you might have.              

Stay and Plays for Dads (0-5 years)

For all dads and male carers- a space for you and your child to explore and make friends. Activities include messy play, exploration and imaginative play to support you and your child’s development.

Terrific Twos (20-30 months)

Meet other parents and get some ideas about the delights and demands of parenting 2-year olds. Messy play, exploration and imaginative play to support you and your child’s development and next steps into nursery education.

Zumba Kids Jr.   (0–5 years)

Get active! Get your groove on, twist, jump, and move to the beat. Active involvement in this session isn’t just fun, it can also increase you and your child’s fitness, confidence and self-esteem.

Advice Session

Help and advice for parents through our Community Family Worker`s (CFW`s) who will be able to provide information & guidance on topics including; managing your child’s behaviour, parenting skills, specialist agencies, applying for nursery or school.

Sheltered Housing Advice Session

Free, independent advice and support for families in need of guidance around housing queries or concerns.

Talking Therapies

We are here to help if you are experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety and you would like to know more about self-help and talking therapies; please contact centre for more information.

Baby Massage  

Helping baby to feel securely attached, reduce crying and emotional distress, relief from wind, colic constipation and teething as well as many other benefits to baby and mother.

Best Start for Nursery

For Children who’ve just started nursery or soon will be. Gain new skills & knowledge, help your child’s learning and development through play.

Cook & Eat

A chance to meet new people and learn new cooking skills- recipes, healthy eating, budgeting and shopping.


Support with English including reading and writing, also helping your child’s learning and development.

Positive Meal Times

Positive Mealtimes is a dietitian-led intervention for early years families experiencing difficult mealtimes.

Melodies for Mums

For mothers who are experiencing stress, anxiety or low mood with
babies up to 9-months old

Please Email: or call us on 07841 909528 to sign up / add your name to the waiting list.

Next Steps (by referral through the Autism Team only)

Early Years Autism team course, for Southwark parents of children of 5 and under with a diagnosis of autism. Includes: autism & sensory differences, social communication, interaction and play, routines, independence skill, resources and support network.